Index consultations

Euronext Indices is committed to provide indices that respond to the best of its abilty to the needs of all stakeholders of its indices. In order to achieve this and in response to developments on the markets frequent feedback is sought among the known users of the indices. For major changes Euronext Indices will launch consultations from time to time via this page.

Each consultation will be open for at least 3 weeks.

A summary of the comments received will be published within 3 weeks after the consultation is closed. In principle the comments will be made public anonymously, indicating only the nature of person or institution providing the comment.

Taking into account the feedback received in the consultation, the Administrator will formulate a proposal for a rule change to the appropriate oversight committee for approval. As a rule such decision will be taken within 3 months after the decision.

Euronext would like to consult on a proposed change to the methodology around the best course of action whenever a relevant country for an index has a market holiday between the review weighing announcement date and the review effective date.

Currently, the index takes the closing prices from the day before and, when a market is closed, investors cannot reflect this change within their portfolios on the specific day (especially when dealing with stocks from other continents). Therefore, the Index Design team thinks that a deferral policy with regards to the effective date is warranted. Our expectation is for this scenario to be very infrequent, and mostly concentrated around international indices (e.g. Euronext Asia Pacific 500 or Euronext North America 500).

Stakeholders will have until the 31 May 2023 to react to the consultation and the new methodology, if validated by Index Design, will be implemented as of the 1 September 2023.  

Access the consultation: Methodology when a market is closed during the review weighing period