Index consultations

Euronext Indices is committed to provide indices that respond to the best of its abilty to the needs of all stakeholders of its indices. In order to achieve this and in response to developments on the markets frequent feedback is sought among the known users of the indices. For major changes Euronext Indices will launch consultations from time to time via this page.

Each consultation will be open for at least 3 weeks.

A summary of the comments received will be published within 3 weeks after the consultation is closed. In principle the comments will be made public anonymously, indicating only the nature of person or institution providing the comment.

Taking into account the feedback received in the consultation, the Administrator will formulate a proposal for a rule change to the appropriate oversight committee for approval. As a rule such decision will be taken within 3 months after the decision.

Consultation BEL ESG changes eligibility screening criteria

Euronext would like to consult on some proposed changes related to the eligibility criteria for the BEL ESG Index.

In order to limit changes during reviews, it is proposed that companies that are part of the BEL ESG Index still quality for Index inclusion as long as their ESG Risk Rating stays within the top 30% percentile of its Subindustry. Currently for current constituents of the BEL ESG Index this threshold is set at 25% percentile within its Subindustry. For companies that are not part of the BEL ESG Index, it is proposed to keep the threshold unchanged, meaning that these companies remain not eligible for Index inclusion in case their ESG Risk rating is not within the top 25% percentile of its Subindustry.

In addition, to comply with the revised 2023 Towards Sustainability label requirements, Euronext would like to consult on some other product involvement screening criteria changes. Euronext is proposing to exclude companies that have any involvement in Oil and Gas Production and Oil and Gas Generation, instead of excluding companies with revenues larger or equal to 5% related to this. Euronext is also proposing to add an exclusion criteria for Military Contracting Weapon Related Products and/or Services with a 5% threshold. 


Stakeholders will have until the 5th of December to react to the consultation. The new rules, if validated by Index Design, will be implemented as of the March 2024 review of the BEL ESG.

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