The PRIIPs (Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products) regulation, applicable from 1 January 2018, enables retail investors to better understand and compare investment opportunities by providing them with a Key Information Document (KID) for every packaged product in which they wish to invest. A KID will allow retail investors to compare the key features, risks, rewards and costs of different investment products. The regulation applies to packaged retail investment products, including investments in derivatives listed on Euronext regulated markets.

Euronext provides KIDs for six product categories : equity derivatives, equity dividend derivatives, ETF options, index derivatives, currency derivatives, and commodity derivatives. For equity, index, currency and commodity derivatives, Euronext provides six KIDs, one for each of long futures, short futures, long call options, short call options, long put options, and short put options. For ETF options, Euronext provides four KIDs: one for each of long call options, short call options, long put options, and short put options. For equity dividend derivatives, Euronext provides two KIDs: one for long futures and one for short futures.


KIDs at class level

The Euronext KIDs containing class specific information are available as PDF document via the Euronext website and as a standardised and predictable URL. Also available is an XML file that contains urls for all KIDs and related meta data.



Generic KIDs at product group level

In addition to the KIDs at class level, Euronext also provides single KIDs for a product group (where applicable: one for call options long, one for call options short, one for put options long, one for put options short, one for futures long, and one for futures short). KIDs at product group level are available via a fixed URL structure.


Referential information