Instrument type : Stock

Market : Euronext Paris

Classification Financial Instrument

E = Equities
S = Common/ordinary shares
V = Voting
U = Free
F = Fully paid
N = Bearer/Registered

Index weighting


Industry 35, Real Estate
SuperSector 3510, Real Estate
Sector 351020, Real Estate Investment Trusts
Subsector 35102000, Diversified REITs

Trading Information

Trading currency EUR
Price multiplier 1
Quantity notation Number of units
Shares outstanding 24,603,263
Trading group 13
Trading type Double call auction

Trading Information

Personal equity saving plan : Not eligible to PEA

Deferred Settlement Service : Instrument neither eligible for the SRD, nor eligible for the Loan and Lending Market

Compartment B (Mid Cap)

IPO date 27 Mar 2008