The Euronext KIDs containing class specific information are available as PDF document via the derivatives delayed prices page on this website, which is available for each individual contract (class). The individual contracts (classes) are accessible via the general quote search or via the contract list.

In addition, the documents will be accessible by means of the URLs provided in the following list.

Future, short position
URL format:[YYYY]/[MM]/[DD]/[lang]/[Symbol]-FUT-[MIC]-SHORT.pdf

Future, long position
URL format:[YYYY]/[MM]/[DD]/[lang]/[Symbol]-FUT-[MIC]-LONG.pdf

Call option, short position
URL format:[YYYY]/[MM]/[DD]/[lang]/[Symbol]-OPT-[MIC]-CALL-SHORT.pdf

Call option, long position
URL format:[YYYY]/[MM]/[DD]/[lang]/[Symbol]-OPT-[MIC]-CALL-LONG.pdf

Put option, short position
URL format:[YYYY]/[MM]/[DD]/[lang]/[Symbol]-OPT-[MIC]-PUT-SHORT.pdf

Put option, long position
URL format:[YYYY]/[MM]/[DD]/[lang]/[Symbol]-OPT-[MIC]-PUT-LONG.pdf

The possible values for some of the variables in the URL formats are captured in info-flash:
PRIIPs kids for Euronext derivatives markets: additional implementation details and go-live date



The XML file containing meta data for the Euronext PRIIPs KIDs is available at the following location:[YYYY]/[MM]/[DD]/kids_listing.xml.

Please note that the Euronext KIDs will be generated every day except weekends. The latest KID can always be found in today’s directory, and there will be a new directory (with a new date) every day.

Available languages

Kids are made available in the following languages: English, French, Dutch, Portuguese, German,  Spanish and Italian

Please use the following abbreviations in the URL to pull the KID in the corresponding language:

en = English
fr = French
nl = Dutch
pt-pt = Portuguese
de = German
es = Spanish
it = Italian
sv = Swedish
fi = Finnish
nb = Norwegian
da = Danish
pl = Polish
cs = Czech
el = Greek
hu = Hungarian

Do NOT use CAPITALS for the language abbreviations!


The Market Identifier Code (MIC) corresponds with the internal codes used by Euronext to identify its securities trading exchanges. The available codes correspond with the following derivatives markets:

DAMS = Euronext Amsterdam
DBRU = Euronext Brussels
DLIS = Euronext Lisbon
DPAR = Euronext Paris


The English language version is the definitive version.  In the case of any conflict between the English version and a version in another language, the English version shall prevail.