Reverse Split, adjustment of closing level

Euronext would like to inform its clients about the following adjustments of closing level for the indices mentioned below:
Following the index policy of these indices, when the index closing level is below 10 (ten) on the close of the trading day directly before the first Friday of the month, the index closing level will be adjusted by multiplying it by 1000 (one thousand).
The adjusted closing level will be used in the calculation of the index levels as well as the performance of the index as from Tuesday 19 April 2022.

Index name ISIN Code MNEMO Close 14 April Adjusted Close
CAC 40 X12 Short GR FR0013361649 CA12S 5.454 5,454.49
CAC 40 X15 Short GR FR0013504776 CSH15 5.635 5,634.54

Euronext kindly asks clients to update their data screens.


If you have any questions please contact Euronext Index Operations
+31 (0)2 07 21 43 50

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