Optiq® uses the tick table mechanism to provide the rules applied on a given instrument for the order entry.

Each tick table contains:

  • A pre-defined set of price ranges, and the tick size mapped to it.
  • A Front Month ratio to be used for front months, and expiries with a time to maturity smaller than the front month, i.e. daily and weekly. The ratio applies on the tick size and allows a finer tick to be applied to these expiries, if required. This is applicable for both Options and Futures.

The tick table is the only definition of ticks used by Optiq® and should be considered the reference. A tick table is assigned at Contract level, and with the exception of specific rules that may be set for the front month, applies to all instruments within the Contract.

All tick tables are provided to clients through a single dedicated daily referential file, within which each tick table is identified by an ID. In the Standing Data file, each instrument refers to the ID of the applicable tick table. Alternatively this information is also available in the Excel file downloadable from this webpage.

An extensive description of the tick size mechanism, and particularly the specific functional description for strategies, is described in the How the Market Works document on our website.

More information

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