Bid & Ask

The Exchange and Euronext, explained by our experts.

Develop your knowledge of the Exchange, the various financial products and market participants, and Euronext’s unique offerings, through our ‘Bid & Ask’ videos.


  • the entire value chain of the financial markets

  • the various financial products that can be listed and traded

  • the different market participants and trading mechanisms

  • the unique offerings available at Euronext

All this and more is explained by our experts through our ‘Bid & Ask’ video series, which is available for non-professional and professional audiences.

What is an index?


More educational videos
Listen to the interview of Roland Prevot, Head of Retail Cash Equity at Euronext.

Interview of Roland Prevot, Head of Retail Cash Equity at Euronext (in FR)

With an analysis of past performances of equities, ETFs and warrants, as well as a warning about the growing trend of neo-brokers and hidden fees in the execution price.

BoursoLive / Liv’invest, June 2021