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List of Paris commodity derivatives deliveries 2009-present, supplied by LCH SA.

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Statement in relation to the MATIF Delivery Process

Potential users of the Milling Wheat Futures Contract should familiarise themselves with the contract terms, including the clearing house rules and procedures. Potential users should notably be aware that, according to the MATIF delivery instructions of the contract, the transfer will relate to goods already in-store, via the silo transfer mechanism detailed in Article 21 of the special Rules and Regulations of the contract, and they should accordingly familiarise themselves with the terms and conditions, additional to the basis or minimum characteristics as defined in article 3, applied by the relevant silos and subject to modifications as per their terms and conditions.
Market participants with short positions will be asked by the clearing house to provide evidence via warehouse receipts that they already hold the goods in-store in such period prior to the MATIF delivery date as deemed appropriate by the clearing house.

General terms and conditions of the Milling Wheat silos

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