Lisbon contracts
ContractUnsorted CodeUnsorted Contract type Location Bloomberg Thomson Reuters
CTT-Correios De Portugal - Stock Future CT6 Stock futures Lisbon CT6=A BD<equity>CT 0#CTTT:
DUMMY GAP Stock options Lisbon
EDP Energias de Portugal SA - Dividend Future EV8 Dividend Stock Futures Lisbon EV8=A BD<equity>CT 0#EDPDF:
EDP Energias de Portugal SA - Stock Future EV6 Stock futures Lisbon EV6=A BD<equity>CT 0#EDPL:
EDP Renovaveis - Dividend Future XA8 Dividend Stock Futures Lisbon XA8=A BD<equity>CT 0#EDPRDF:
EDP Renovaveis - Stock Future XA6 Stock futures Lisbon XA6=A BD<equity>CT 0#EDPRR:
Galp Energia SGPS SA - Dividend Future GE8 Dividend Stock Futures Lisbon GE8=A BD<equity>CT 0#GALPDF:
Galp Energia, SGPS, S.A. GAL Stock futures Lisbon GAL=A BD<equity>CT 0#GALP:
Jeronimo Martins SGPS SA - Dividend Future JM8 Dividend Stock Futures Lisbon JM8=A BD<equity>CT 0#JMTDF:
Jeronimo Martins STND FUT JMT Stock futures Lisbon JMT=A BD<equity>CT 0#JMTS:
NOS SGPS Stock Future PTA Stock futures Lisbon PTA=A BD<equity>CT 0#PTAC:
PSI20 Index Future PSI Index Futures Lisbon PPA<INDEX>CT 0#PSI20:
Redes Energeticas Nacionais SA - STND FUT RNE Stock futures Lisbon RNE=A BD<equity>CT 0#RENE:
Sonae Stock Future SNA Stock futures Lisbon SNA=A BD<equity>CT 0#YSO:
The Navigator Company SA - Dividend Future PO8 Dividend Stock Futures Lisbon PO8=A BD<equity>CT 0#PTIDF:
The Navigator Company SA - Stock Future PO6 Stock futures Lisbon PO6=A BD<equity>CT 0#PTI: