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ContractUnsorted CodeUnsorted Products family Underlying Isin
A.B. Food - Stock Future FO6 Aksjeforwards GB0006731235
Aalberts NV - Stock Future AA6 Aksjeforwards NL0000852564
ABB (SEK) - Stock Future QR6 Aksjeforwards CH0012221716
ABB - Stock Future LD6 Aksjeforwards CH0012221716
ABN AMRO Bank - Stock Future DZ6 Aksjeforwards NL0011540547
Abrdn - Stock Future MG6 Aksjeforwards GB00BF8Q6K64
Acciona SA - Stock Future AN6 Aksjeforwards ES0125220311
ACS Actividades Cons y Serv - Stock Future SR6 Aksjeforwards ES0167050915
Adecco Group AG - Stock Future JW6 Aksjeforwards CH0012138605
ADIDAS - STOCK FUTURE (Physical) AD7 Aksjeforwards DE000A1EWWW0
Adidas AG - Stock Future AD6 Aksjeforwards DE000A1EWWW0
Adyen - Stock Future YB6 Aksjeforwards NL0012969182
Aegon - Stock Future AE6 Aksjeforwards BMG0112X1056
AENA SME - Stock Future YK6 Aksjeforwards ES0105046009
AHOLD DELHAIZE - STOCK FUTURE (Physical) AH7 Aksjeforwards NL0011794037
Ahold Delhaize, Koninklijke - Stock Future AH6 Aksjeforwards NL0011794037
Akzo Nobel NV - Stock Future AK6 Aksjeforwards NL0013267909
Alfa Laval - Stock Future LA6 Aksjeforwards SE0000695876
ALLIANZ - STOCK FUTURE (Physical) AZ7 Aksjeforwards DE0008404005
Allianz SE - Stock Future AZ6 Aksjeforwards DE0008404005
Amadeus IT Group SA - Stock Future AM6 Aksjeforwards ES0109067019
AMG N.V. - Stock Future AO6 Aksjeforwards NL0000888691
Andritz AG - Stock Future QH6 Aksjeforwards AT0000730007
Anglo American - Stock Future LO6 Aksjeforwards GB00B1XZS820
AP Moller - Maersk B - Stock Future MX6 Aksjeforwards DK0010244508
ArcelorMittal - Stock Future MT6 Aksjeforwards LU1598757687
ARCELORMITTAL - STOCK FUTURE (Physical) MT7 Aksjeforwards LU1598757687
ASML HOLDING - STOCK FUTURE (Physical) AS7 Aksjeforwards NL0010273215
ASML Holding NV - Stock Future AS6 Aksjeforwards NL0010273215
ASR NEDERLAND BV - STOCK FUTURE RJ6 Aksjeforwards NL0011872643
ASR NEDERLAND BV - STOCK FUTURE (Physical) RJ7 Aksjeforwards NL0011872643
Assa Abloy B - Stock Future OY6 Aksjeforwards SE0007100581
AstraZeneca - Stock Future ZN6 Aksjeforwards GB0009895292
Atlas Copco A - Stock Future PC6 Aksjeforwards SE0017486889
Aurubis AG - Stock Future AU6 Aksjeforwards DE0006766504
Aviva - Stock Future AW6 Aksjeforwards GB00BPQY8M80
BAE Systems - Stock Future BX6 Aksjeforwards GB0002634946
Baloise Holding - Stock Future BZ6 Aksjeforwards CH0012410517
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argenta SA - Stock Future BA6 Aksjeforwards ES0113211835
Banco de Sabadell SA - Stock Future WW6 Aksjeforwards ES0113860A34
Banco Santander SA - Stock Future BS6 Aksjeforwards ES0113900J37
Bank of Ireland Group PLC - Stock Future IB6 Aksjeforwards IE00BD1RP616
Bankinter SA - Stock Future BI6 Aksjeforwards ES0113679I37
Barclays - Stock Future YS6 Aksjeforwards GB0031348658
BASF - STOCK FUTURE (Physical) BF7 Aksjeforwards DE000BASF111
BASF SE - Stock Future BF6 Aksjeforwards DE000BASF111
BAWAG Group AG - Stock Future BU6 Aksjeforwards AT0000BAWAG2
BAYER - STOCK FUTURE (Physical) BY7 Aksjeforwards DE000BAY0017
Bayer AG - Stock Future BY6 Aksjeforwards DE000BAY0017
Bayerische Motoren Werke AG - Stock Future BW6 Aksjeforwards DE0005190003