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ContractUnsorted CodeUnsorted Products family Underlying Isin
CTT-Correios De Portugal - Stock Future CT6 Aksjeforwards PTCTT0AM0001
EDP Energias de Portugal SA - Stock Future EV6 Aksjeforwards PTEDP0AM0009
EDP Renovaveis - Stock Future XA6 Aksjeforwards ES0127797019
Galp Energia, SGPS, S.A. GAL Aksjeforwards PTGAL0AM0009
Jeronimo Martins STND FUT JMT Aksjeforwards PTJMT0AE0001
NOS SGPS Stock Future PTA Aksjeforwards PTZON0AM0006
Redes Energeticas Nacionais SA - STND FUT RNE Aksjeforwards PTREL0AM0008
Sonae Stock Future SNA Aksjeforwards PTSON0AM0001
The Navigator Company SA - Stock Future PO6 Aksjeforwards PTPTI0AM0006