Large-in-Scale and Cross trading is available across the Euronext financial derivatives markets in Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon and Paris.

Large-in-Scale facility

Large-in-Scale (LiS) transactions allows customers to trade their large- in-size business in an exchange environment. The execution of a LiS transaction is subject to compliance with the minimum volume threshold (defined for each contract and available in the referential data) and price (validated against collars and/or daily high and low price). LiS Transactions can be reported outside contract trading hours.


  • for all contracts listed on the four Euronext Financial Derivatives markets;
  • during extended hours (from 07:00 CET to either 18:30 CET or 22:00 CET, depending on contract)

For full details of the LiS facility, please see section 4.5 of the Euronext Trading Procedures.

Request for Cross (RFC)

The RFC facility can be used for cross trades with a size below or above the Large-in-Scale (LiS) minimum volume threshold. After the RFC is submitted by the RFC Initiator there is a 1-2 second auction period (the RFC response period) that is open to all market participants. During this RFC response period other participants (RFC Reactors) may choose to price-join or improve the cross level. After the RFC response period ends, the RFC is executed. Depending on the prices of the RFC Reactor responses, one or more RFC Reactors may trade against the RFC Initiator.


  • For all equity and index options listed on the four Euronext Financial Derivatives markets
  • During contract trading hours.

For full details of the RFC facility, please see section 3.4 of the Euronext Trading Procedures.

Large-in-Scale - Thresholds

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