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IPO date
Thu 01/07/2004
IPO type

Placement and Open Price Offer

IPO price
32 euros
IPO type
Initial Public offering
Operation procedure

Placement Before first listing, a proportion of the shares will be included in a public placement in France and an international private placement in some countries excluding the United States. - Number of shares in the placement: 247 500 shares (90% of the operation). The number of shares offered within the Open-Price Offer may be reduced in order to increase the placement (if the OPO would not be fully subscribed). - Institution en charge of the placement: CM-CIC Securities Open Price Offer Number of shares in the Open-Price Offer: 27 500 shares (10% of the operation). The number of shares offered within the placement may be reduced in order to increase the Open-Price Offer. However that number of shares offered in the Open-Price Offer will not exceed 20% of the total number of shares disseminated to the public. Moreover, the claw-back would be automatic in case of sub-subscription of 3 times of the OPO. The share price will be set at the end of the Offer and will take account of the demand expressed in the placement. The prices of the placement and the Open-Price Offer will be the same. It will be set in EUR on 1st July 2004 after centralisation of the Open-Price Offer and should be published in a notice that same day. The final share price may be set outside the aforementioned range. Orders of subscription will be, even in the events of reduction, irrevocable, except if there is a modification of the price range

Operation description

For the admission of the U10 shares on the Second Marché, the negotiation of the U10 shares on the Marché Libre will be suspended by 23 June 2004. It should resume on 1 July 2004 on the Second Marché for the first quotation. The conditions of trading on the NSC system from 2st July 2004 will be published in the notice announcing the Open Price Offer result.
Therefore, non executed orders on the Marché Libre on 30 June 2004 will be eliminated. The market members will introduce their customers’ new orders on the NSC, on 2st July 2004 in the morning on the Second Marché.

Admission to the Second Marché the 3 141 162 existing shares that comprise the equity of U10, plus 275 000 new shares obtained from a capital increase, without preferential rights, effected as part of the listing, permitted by the board of directors on 1st July 2004.
275 000 shares will be offered to the public as part of a placement and an Open-Price Offer. The shares will be obtained from the issue of 275 000 new shares as part of a capital increase permitted by the general extraordinary meeting on 9 June 2004 and to be realised with the listing and will be decided by the board of directors on 1 July 2004. Vizille Capital Finance will guarantee the capital increase, in accordance with the article L.225-145 of Code of Commerce.

Operation calendar

- Period of the placement: 23 June to 1st July 2004 at 12h00 The placement may be closed at any time. - Period of the Offering: 23 June to 30 June 2004 at 17h00 - Date of first listing: 1st July 2004 - Result of the Placement and Open Price Offer: 1st July 2004 - Date of first negotiation: 2nd July 2004

Price range
28 euros - 32 euros