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IPO date
Thu 24/03/2005
IPO type

Private placement and direct listing

IPO price
19,25 euros
IPO type
Initial Public offering
Operation procedure

Initial reference price: will be the definitive offer price that will be determinated on 23 March 2005 at 4:00 p.m. and published in the financial press on 24 March 2005 before opening of the markets. Listing: the reservation thresholds will be set at 20% above and below the reference price. If the price is outside the static price range the stock will be reserved during 15 minutes. The new reference price used will be the treshold (up or down) reached previously. The static price range will be set at +/- 10% of this new reference price. This procedure will be repeated until an opening price will be established. At the opening of the security, the opening price will be the new reference price with a static price range of +/-10% and a dynamic price range of +/-5%. Usual trading rules in term of thresholds and of reservation period will be applied. Euronext Brussels announces that, on 24 March 2005, for the first listing of the shares RHJ International, the orders matching at the opening will be exceptionally delayed until 9.05 a.m.. After the quotation of the first price on RHJ International shares, trading in the shares shall be carried out according to the rules of continuous trading. From the next day, the reservation thresholds and the timetable will be those applied for the continuous market. When Issued: according to the terms of the offering described in the prospectus, investors have to be aware that the offered shares must be delivered on 31 March 2005. Euronext Brussels has indicated that it will cancel all transactions realized on the First Market of Euronext Brussels if the shares offered are not delivered on 31 March 2005. The attention of the public is drawn upon the fact that, from the first listing of the shares on the first market of Euronext Brussels and until 31 March 2005, it has to take into account the eventuality as described above for every operation that it intends to realise through Euronext or over the counter. Information: The prospectus (1 088 pages) approved by the BFIC as well as the special report by the Board of Directors on the contributions in kind and the report of the Statutory Auditor on the contributions in kind are available on the website of the Listing Sponsor Petercam at

Operation description

Listing on the Continuous Market - Group A1

a) A minimum of 60,931,758 and a maximum of 78,816,127 ordinary shares, cp 1 and following attached of which 10,000 existing ordinary shares and a minimum of 60,921,758 and a maximum of 75,806,127 new ordinary shares. These shares will be mentioned in the price list with the mention WI until 31 March 2005 included (When Issued: cf infra).

b) As the case being and at the latest until 30 days from 24 March 2005 a maximum comprised between 1,875,000 and 3,750,000 new additional ordinary shares granted to cover over-allotments.

N.B.: Until delivery of the physical shares, the settlement will only take place in a book-entry form through CIK (Transfer between accounts).

Operation calendar

- 23 March 2005: Fixing of the price for the private placement - 24 March 2005: First trades of new and existing shares on the First Market of Euronext Brussels on a «if and when issued and delivered» basis - 31 March 2005: Settlement for the private placement and the first trades

Price range
17,25 euros - 19,25 euros