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The mission of Ecodis consists in offering ecological alternatives to existing chemical water treatment techniques. Within the framework of this mission Ecodis developed an innovative concept to disinfect water without the addition of chemicals. It destroys the bacteria, viruses, algae and micro-organisms in the water, without the addition of chemicals and without radiation. Additionally, hardly any undesirable trihalomethanes are produced. Harmful components such as cyanides, ammonia and humic acids are oxidised to their maximum. The ecodis&reg; system meets the strictest European standards and guarantees a long operating life.</p>

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5.50 euros
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Trading of the shares Euronext Brussels received an application for listing all the shares representing the capital of Ecodis and 873,220 shares that might be issued following outstanding warrants on Alternext Brussels. The Strip VVPR that are issued following the increase in capital, which is the object of the public offer will not be listed but can be traded on the Public Auction market of Euronext Brussels. The admission to trading of the shares on Alternext Brussels shall take place on 15 June 2007. The shares will be traded on Alternext Brussels on a &quot;as-if-and-when-issued&quot; basis**&quot; as from the first cotation date up to and including the expected delivery date. Offer price: 5.50 euros ** When Issued: When Issued: according to the terms of the offering described in the prospectus, investors have to be aware that the offered shares must be delivered on 19/06/2007. Euronext Brussels has will cancel all transactions realized on Alternext Brussels if the offered shares are not delivered on 19/06/2007. The attention of the public is drawn upon the fact that, from the first listing of the shares on Alternext Brussels and until 19/06/2007, it has to take into account the eventuality as described above for every operation that it intends to realise through Euronext or over the counter.</p>

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- Date of approval of the prospectus by the CBFA: 29/05/2007 - Opening of the Offer: 06/06/2007 - Closing of the Offer: 13/06/2007 - Allocation of the shares: 14/06/2007 - Publication of the results: 15/06/2007 - Payment-delivery date: 19/06/2007 - First trading date on NSC: 15/06/2007</p>

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