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Banimmo is a financial repositioning company that specializes in the technical and commercial renovation of low-value and obsolete buildings at a certain level (at least EUR5 million, work included) located in Belgium, France and Luxembourg.
At the end of April 2007, the group's real estate portfolio had a market value of EUR280.7 million distributed between offices (53.9%), conference and exposition centers (25.9%), commercial spaces (13.8%) and semi-industrial and logistical buildings (6.4%; including land).
Geographically, gross leasing revenues are distributed as follows: Belgium (70.1%), France (22.3%) and Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (7.6%).

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IPO date
Mon 31/12/2007
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Direct trading procedure

IPO type
Initial Public offering
Operation procedure

- Nb of securities to be listed: 10,318,172; - References price: closing price of the 28th December on Euronext Brussels

Operation description

Admission on Eurolist by Euronext 10,318,172 existing shares representing the outstanding capital of BANIMMO.

Nb of securities to be listed: 10,006,000

Initial reference price: will be the subscription price that will be published in the financial press on 26-06-2007.

Thresholds of listing: As provided in the ETA Nr 2004-433 dated 20/09/2002, the static price range will be set at +/-20% around the reference price. If the price is outside the static price range the stock will be reserved during 15 minutes. The new reference price used will be the treshold (up or down) reached previously. The static price range will be set at +/-10% of this new reference price. This procedure will be repeated until an opening price will be established. At the opening of the security, the opening price will be the new reference price with a static price range of +/-10% and a dynamic price range of +/-5%. Usual trading rules in term of thresholds and of reservation period will be applied.

Listing of the VVPR strips issued by BANIMMO
Euronext Brussels announces that, from 26/06/2007, the VVPR strips described below issued by BANIMMO will be listed on Eurolist by Euronext. (i.e. notice for details)

Operation calendar

31 December 2007: listing of the shares issued by BANIMMO