• CAC 40 TRF in the media

    FOW - Global Investor Group

    Interview - 9 January 2023

    Euronext hits trading milestone with total return future

    Euronext has started the year…

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  • Euronext Eurozone Banks Index Derivatives

    Investing in the Eurozone banking sector at a fair price with Euronext's derivatives
    Euronext offers to market participants the full spectrum of derivatives to trade the Eurozone banking sector at a… #Products & Services
  • CAC 40® ESG Index Future

    Combining economic performance with Environmental, Social and Governance objectives.
    • Trade a future contract based on Euronext’s first national ESG benchmark (derived from the CAC 40® index…
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  • ESG 80 Derivatives

    The Euronext® Eurozone ESG 80 index shows the performance of 80 large cap companies in the Eurozone selected for their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and energy transition performance… #Products & Services