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Interview - 9 January 2023

Euronext hits trading milestone with total return future

Euronext has started the year strongly in derivatives by passing a key milestone with one of its most successful recent products and launching a trading screen to revolutionise how firms interact with the European exchange group.

Euronext, which operates markets across Europe, said it passed on Thursday January 5 the one million lot milestone for its CAC 40 Total Return Future (TRF), an innovative product launched by Euronext in late 2018 to offer a cleared, lower margin equivalent of a total return swap.

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Interview - 11 October 2022

Euronext targets banks, hedge funds with extended TRF maturities

Euronext has said it is targeting banks and hedge funds with the launch of extended maturities for the total return future based on the French blue chip index, marking the latest addition to a successful new product set from the European exchange group. 

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Structured Retail Products
Interview - 11 October 2022

Euronext targets banks, hedge funds with extended TRF maturities


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Article - 11 October 2022

Euronext announces extended maturities on Total Return Futures on CAC 40 Index 

Euronext announces the extension of the maturities available on the Total Return Future on the CAC 40® Index, commonly known as the “CAC 40® TRF”

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Article - 4 September 2019

FISL Europe: Total Return Futures advance across participants and regions

"The TRF on CAC 40 index is the best product launch made by Euronext in the past years, said Charlotte Alliot, co-head of Equity Derivatives at Euronext: “This is due to the increased regulatory pressure on OTC trading, in particular since the implementation of EMIR which has impacted the level of collateral linked to the transactions.” The product was launched at the end of 2018, and at August-end €11 billion notional value has been traded with open interest registered on all December maturities."

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