Informational update

Key Trading Information for 20th October 2020

19 Oct 2020 19:09 CET

All Transactions that occurred on the 19th October 2020 after 17:30 CET (17:28 CET for Euronext Dublin) are not valid and Euronext is liaising with CCPs to secure cancellation of these trades.

Files with valid transactions are available for members on request.

Euronext is also in active contact with the clearing partners to secure proper integration of all the trades for trading date 19th october 2020.

Closing prices present in file EFS (Euronext File Service) and in market data messages should be discarded. Files with correct Adjusted closing prices are available in attachment on the Market Status page. 

Open orders on all Euronext Cash and Derivatives segments have been purged during the post-session. As a result, no private message notifying the order cancellation will be received upon reconnection tomorrow morning.

Members are invited to connect early in order to resend their orders.

Post session has run successfully and Euronext is in a position to ensure smooth market opening.

In case of any further questions, do not hesitate to contact the Operational Client Services Desk:

Operational Client Services Desk

Belgium +32 2 620 0585               France +33 1 8514 8585               Ireland: +353 1 617 4289
Netherlands +31 20 721 9585    Portugal +351 2 1060 8585         UK +44 20 7660 8585

View Attachment:  closing_prices_equities_etf_19102020.xlsx


Delayed Closing: Trades cancellations on all asset classes after 17:30 CET

19 Oct 2020 19:09 CET

Cash market closure did not occur as expected tonight as auctions did not take place for many instruments. Instead of this, trading was maintained in continuous mode for reasons that are being investigated.

Because of these issues, Euronext has decided to cancel all the trades that occurred after 5.30pm CET (5.28pm CET for Euronext Dublin) on all asset classes except Commodities .

The closing price for today will be the last traded price for each instrument.

All order books on all asset classes will be purged prior to the call phase tomorrow morning, in order to secure smooth opening.


Equity Derivatives Trading Resumption

19 Oct 2020 17:14 CET

The EQ Derivatives platforms have now fully failed over and ready for trading to resume.

Opening will occur as from  17:15 CET

We are sorry for the inconveniences caused


ETF Trading Resumption

19 Oct 2020 16:59 CET

The ETF platform has now fully failed over and ready for trading to resume.

  • Preopening will occur at 17:00 CET
  • Opening will occur at 17:15 CET

We are sorry for the inconveniences caused


ETF & EQD Failover / Drop Copy Issue / W&C segment update

19 Oct 2020 15:41 CET

A series of failover occurred on the partitions ETF, EQD 2 and EQD0 respectively at 15:00:07, 14:59:12 and 15:17:03. These were caused by an increase of memory consumption partly related to the issue of this morning. Investigation is ongoing.

Please also note that latencies are observed on the Drop Copies, as a consequence of the same issue. Investigations are still ongoing on that matter, we will share the updates as soon as they become available.

Root cause has been found on the Warrants and Certificates segment however the platform will remain closed until the end of the day to ensure integrity of data and fair and orderly market for participants. Trades that took place earlier today have been properly processed.

Trading on all other platforms remains open and closing will happen as normal.

Euronext apologizes for the inconveniences caused.


Resumption - Move to call phase at 12:15 CET

19 Oct 2020 12:14 CET

The route cause has been identified and resolved; it was a technical issue impacting the middleware system. 
Euronext is thus preparing for a resumption of all markets but the Warrants and Certificates one for which investigations continue. 

Both call phase for Cash Markets (except Warrants and Certificates) and Re-Open Order Entry phase for Derivatives will start at 12.15pm CET. 
All orders with day validity will be purged by the Markets Operations; members will receive the cancellation messages via Order Entry. Clients are invited to cancel all the GTC, GTD, VFA, VFCU orders entered today.  

Then the segments will open as follows:

FXI Fixed Income: 12:30
EQU Cash Equities: 12:45
ETF Funds: 12:45

COM Commodities: 12:30
EQD Equity Derivatives: 12:50
IDD Index Derivatives: 13:00

Customers will be able to enter, modify or cancel orders into the central order book in call phase and after re-opening the order entry.


Trading Halted in all Euronext ProductsTrading

19 Oct 2020 10:02 AM CET

Due to a technical issue, trading has been halted in all Euronext Products until further notice.

We are working to resolve this issue and we will provide an update as soon as possible regarding the expected pre-opening time and resumption of trading.

For your information, before any trading resumption, there will be a pre-opening phase of at least 15 minutes.


For any queries, or for operational, technical or trading-related information, please contact Euronext Market Services.