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Trading location
Real Estate Holding&Development
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IPO date
Wed 10/12/2003
IPO type

Direct trading procedure

IPO type
Initial Public offering
Operation procedure

The reference quote of shares will be the last quoted price in Amsterdam on December the 9th.

Operation description

Admission to listing on the Premier Marché of the Dutch company Wereldhave N.V. for 19.691.735 ordinary shares with a par value of 10 euro, from 10 December 2003 onwards.

The company has also issued 10 priority shares and 1 500 000 preferred shares that will not be listed in Paris.
As the shares of Wereldhave N.V. are currently listed in the Netherlands, no offer of shares will be proposed to investors with the listing on Euronext Paris.

Operation calendar

Listing on the Premier Marché: 10th December 2003.