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IPO date
Thu 17/06/2004
IPO type

Placing and Open Price Offer procedures

IPO price
OPO : 15, 60 euros - Placement : 15,70 euros
IPO type
Initial Public offering
Operation procedure

The purchase price of shares offered under Global Placement could lie within the range of 15.45 euros and 17.20 euros per share and for the OPO within the range of 15.35 euros and 17.10 euros. This range may be modified at any time up to and including the day planned for price fixing. This information is strictly indicative and has no bearing on the final purchase price that may be fixed outside this range. In case the indicative price range is modified latest within two trading dates before the planned OPO closure date, the new price range will be announced to the public through an Euronext Paris notice and a press communiqué. The reservations may be revoked until the OPO closure. The price of shares offered under the OPO will enjoy a reduction of 0.10 euro with respect to the global placement price. Open Price Offer Number of shares offered: between 30 and 60 % of the shares offered under the offer and the eventual option of over allotment (that is to said between 25 523 724 and 51 047 448 shares).

Operation description

In accordance with law n°86-912 dated 6th August 1986, The Minister of State, Minister of Economy, Finance and Industry decided to proceed with the sale of a maximum of 94 532 309 Snecma shares held by the State, that is 35 % of the total number of shares and 35,37 % of voting rights.

In accordance with article P 1.1.10 of Book II, Euronext Paris SA has decided to list the
270 092 310 existing shares on the Premier Marché, with dividend entitlement from 1st January 2004, comprising the equity of the company Snecma.

Operation calendar

- 4th June 2004: Opening of the period wherein it is possible to issue revocable reservations (reservation period) Opening of the Global Placement and the Offer Reserved for employees and retired employees - 14th June 2004: End of the reservation period and last day for revoking reservations - 15th June 2004: Opening of the Open Price Offer - 16th June 2004: Closure of the Open Price Offer (5 p.m.) and Global Placement (5 p.m.) and the Offer Reserved for employees - 17th June 2004: Fixing the prices for Global Placement, Open Price Offer and the Offer Reserved for Employees, fixing the number of shares offered under the Open Price Offer and Global Placement Press release outlining the final operation conditions - 17th June 2004 (before 10 p.m.): Publication of the Open Price Offer results in an Euronext Paris notice - 18th June 2004: Start of trading of shares on the Premier Marché - 23rd June 2004: Settlement delivery of the shares falling under the Open Price Offer and Global Placement - 16th July 2004: Last date for exercising the Over-allocation option

Broker to issue

Crédit Suisse First Boston
ABN AMRO Rothschild