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Placement and Fixed-Price Offer</p>

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4 euro&#39;s
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Initial Public offering
Operation procedure

Simultaneously, it will be proposed: - a Fixed-Price Offer, on 24 500 shares, 10% of the operation; - a placement, directed by International Capital Bourse, on 220 500 shares, 90% of the operation. The number of shares offered within the Placement may be reduced in order to increase the Fixed-Price Offer. However that number of shares offered in the Fixed-Price Offer will not exceed 30% of the total number of shares disseminated to the public. Moreover, the claw-back would be automatic in case of over-subscription of 3 times of the OPF. The number of shares offered within the Fixed-Price Offer may be reduced in order to increase the Placement (if the OPF would not be fully subscribed). Conditions to Fixed-Price Offer - Price offered: 4 euros - Number of shares offered: 245 000 shares representing 17,88% of shares on the market with a maximum of 254 000 (18,54%) after extension clause.</p>

Operation description
Operation calendar

- Closing of the offer: 2nd of November 2004 by 5:00 p.m - Fixed-Price Offer: 3rd of November 2004 - Publication of result: 3rd of November 2004 - Settlement-delivery of new shares: 8th of November 2004 - Beginning of trading on the Marche Libre*: 9th of November 2004 (* Condition: delivery of the certificate from the depositary)</p>

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