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Durable Household Products
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Fixed-price offer</p>

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5.68 euros
IPO type
Initial Public offering
Operation procedure

Conditions of the fixed-price offer (Centralization by Euronext Brussels) Fixed-price: euros 5.68 Number of shares made available to the market: 85,714 ordinary shares. Result of the fixed-price offer: the result of the offer shall be published in a notice on 9 December 2005 giving details, in particular the percentage of reduction that may have been applied to orders, as well as the conditions in which the trading on 15 December 2005 shall be pursued, subject to the realisation of the increase of capital and the delivery of the certificate by the depositary. Type of shares: the shares shall be bearer shares cp 1 and following attached. Until delivery of the physical shares, the settlement of transactions will only take place in a book-entry form through CIK-EURONEXT (Transfers between accounts).</p>

Operation description
Operation calendar

- Opening of the Offer: 5 December 2005 - Closing of the Offer: as from 7 December 2005 at 4:00 p.m (Early close) - Centralization date: 9 December 2005 - Allocation of the shares: 9 December 2005 - Publication of the results by Euronext Brussels notice: 9 December 2005 in the evening - Payment Date: 14 December 2005 - Settlement-delivery date: 14 December 2005 - First trading date on NSC: 15 December 2005</p>

Broker to issue

Small Caps Finance</p>