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The object of the company:<br />
Both in Belgium and abroad, in its own name and in the name of third parties, on it&rsquo;s own behalf and on behalf of others:<br />
- Transport carrier and transport of goods activities, by every possible means and by any way.<br />
- The handling of goods, including storage in a warehouse or elsewhere, and including the loading, unloading, control, weighing, surveillance and packaging of goods.<br />
- Customs and shipping agency.<br />
- The marketing of all means of transport insofar as it has the licences required for that purpose if needed.<br />
- The production, use and marketing of any means permitting the production of renewable energy, as well as the production and marketing of energy, insofar as it has the licences required for that purpose if needed.<br />
(Description of the complete object of the company: see<br />
page 39 in the prospectus.)</p>

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Fixed-price offer</p>

IPO price
3.81 euros
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Initial Public offering
Operation procedure

Conditions of the fixed-price offer (Centralisation by Euronext Brussels) Fixed-price: euros 3.81 A maximum of maximum 133,334 shares made available to the market. After the closing of the fixed-price offer, a maximum of 933,334 shares shall be listed on the Free Market of Euronext Brussels representing all of the existing shares of the company. Euronext Brussels also received an application for listing on the Free Market of Euronext Brussels of maximum 50,000 new ordinary shares, which could be issued following the exercise of 50,000 warrants granted to the staff which were issued on 27 October 2005 following the decision of the company REIBEL S.A. Type of shares: the shares shall be bearer shares cp 1 and following attached. Until delivery of the physical shares, the settlement of transactions will only take place in a book-entry form through CIK-EURONEXT (Transfers between accounts).</p>

Operation description
Operation calendar

- Opening of the Offer: 14 November 2005 - Closing of the Offer: as from 16 November 2005 at 16:00 p.m. (Early close) - Introduction date: 21 November 2005 - Allocation of the shares: 21 November 2005 - Publication of the results by Euronext Brussels notice: 21 November 2005 in the evening - Payment Date: 24 November 2005 - Settlement-delivery date: 24 November 2005 - First trading date on NSC: 25 November 2005 (instead of 2 December 2005)</p>