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Food Products
Activity description

PHARCO employs 11 persons and commercialises via 2.500 pharmacies located in Belgium more than 45 products in the following domains:
- The Nutritherapy,
- The Phytotherapy,
- Para-pharmaceutical products.

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IPO date
Tue 30/05/2006
IPO type

Fixed Price Offer

IPO price
4.03 euros
IPO type
Initial Public offering
Operation procedure

Conditions of the fixed-price offer (Centralisation by Euronext Brussels) Fixed-price: 4.03 euros A maximum of 226,700 shares made available to the market. Result of the fixed-price offer: (ie notice for detail) Trading of the shares After the closing of the fixed-price offer, a maximum of 906,872 shares shall be listed on the free market of Euronext Brussels, representing all of the existing shares of the company, except the 11,146 not yet not fully paid up shares. Subscription of the new shares is not guaranteed. (ie notice for detail) Euronext Brussels also received an application for listing on the Free Market of Euronext Brussels of : - 50 bonds Pharco - 8% - 2006-2011, wich will be listed as from 12 June 2006. (ie notice for detail) - a maximum of 50,000 new ordinary shares, which could be issued following the exercise of 50,000 granted to the staff, being issued on 5 May 2006. - later, after fully paid up, the 11,146 non fully paid up shares.

Operation description

The shares offered in this public offering results from a public subscription offer of a maximum of 226,700 new shares.

These shares will be distributed within the framework of a two-phased offer:

- The Priority Offer: 80% of the securities offered within the context of the offer. (ie notice for detail)

The holders of the bonds Pharco have a priority right to subscribe for a same amount in Pharco shares offered to the public wihin the framework of the priority offer.

- The Non-Priority Offer: 20% of the securities offered within the context of the offer. (ie notice for detail)

The final number of shares within the framework of the Priority Offer and the Non-Priority Offer may be adapted according to demand.

There are no guarantees with regard to the issue of new shares. (ie notice for detail)

Operation calendar

- Date of approval of the prospectus by the CBFA: 9 May 2006 - Opening of the Priority Offer and the Non-Priority Offer: 15 May 2006 - Closing of the Priority Offer: 15 May 2006 - Closing of the Non Priority Offer: 17 May 2006 - Centralisation date: 23 May 2006 - Allocation of the shares: 23 May 2006 - Publication of the results by Euronext Brussels notice: 23 May 2006 in the evening - Payment Date: 29 May 2006 - Settlement-delivery date: 29 May 2006 - First trading date on NSC: 30 May 2006