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Euronext Growth
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Global Placement and Open Price Offer</p>

IPO price
5.77 euros
IPO type
Initial Public offering
Operation procedure

Conditions applying to both Global Placement and Open Price Offer The first share price will be set at the end of the OPO and will take account of the demand expressed in the Global Placement. The prices of the Global Placement and the OPO are the same. The definitive price will be set on 20 December 2005 after centralisation of the OPO and should be published by Euronext Paris in a notice that same day. The final share price may be set outside the mentioned range. Should the price of admission be under EUR 4.95, the number of shares proposed would be modified and the Autorit&eacute; des March&eacute;s Financiers would have to deliver another visa on a new prospectus giving the new terms and conditions of the Offer (Placement and OPO). The Placement Before first listing, a proportion of the shares will be included in a public placement in France and an international private placement in some countries excluding the United States of America. - Number of shares in the Placement: a maximum of 558,658 shares (excepting the shares alloted in the OPO before the extension clause). - Underwriter: TSAF The Open Price Offer Number of shares in the OPO: depending on demand, a minimum of 30% of the Offer (before the extension clause) will be alloted within the OPO i.e. 167,598 shares. The definitive number of shares alloted between the Placement and the OPO will be fixed regarding the demand.</p>

Operation description
Operation calendar

- Period of the Placement: from 14 December 2005 to 20 December 2005 (12:00) - Period of the Open Price Offer: from 14 December 2005 to 19 December 2005 inclusive - First quotation: 20 December 2005 - Beginning of trading: 27 December 2005</p>

Price range
4.95 euros – 5.77 euros