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Food Products
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Business activities<br />
The company&rsquo;s business activities, both in Belgium and abroad, anywhere, in any way and according to the methods which seem the most appropriate to it, in its own name or in the name of third parties, on its own behalf or on behalf of others, are all operations relating directly or indirectly:<br />
&minus; to the import, export, transit, purchase, sale, trade and manufacture of all products, and goods, in the broadest sense, as well as their representations in Belgium or abroad.<br />
&minus; to the research, adjustment, development, analysis, formulation, study, advice, manufacture, transformation, production, distribution and marketing of all products, techniques or materials from the food, biotechnology and biochemistry sectors; the manufacture, transformation, purchase, sale, representation, rent, import or export of all products, machines, equipment, forms of packaging and materials or the supply of any service related to the research, operation and marketing of these products or European ones recognized for their ability to appreciate taste and for their know-how in the preparation of products. An impressive series of world-famous cooks can be seen among the members of the jury.</p>

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Fixed-price Offer</p>

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9 euros
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Initial Public offering
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Conditions of the fixed-price offer (Centralisation by Euronext Brussels) Fixed-price: euro 9 A maximum of 167,000 shares made available to the market, which can be increased by a maximum of 16,700 subscription rights (Green Shoe). Result of the fixed-price offer: the result of the offer shall be published in a notice on 3 December 2005 giving details, in particular the percentage of reduction that may have been applied to orders, as well as the conditions in which the trading on 12 December 2005 shall be pursued, subject to the realisation of the increase of capital and the delivery of the certificate by the depositary. Trading of the shares After the closing of the fixed-price offer, a maximum of 773,766 shares shall be listed on the free market of Euronext Brussels, representing all of the existing shares of the company. Subscription of the new shares is not guaranteed. Consequently, trading of the new shares shall take place after the delivery of the certificate by the depositary and the trading of the new shares shall begin on the NSC system on 12 December 2005. Euronext Brussels also received an application for listing on the Free Market of Euronext Brussels of - maximum 33,333 new ordinary shares, which could be issued following the exercise of 33,333 warrants, being issued by decision of the EGM of the company NewTree on 15 November 2005. - maximum 16,700 new shares coming from the exercise of the Green Shoe.</p>

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- Closing of the Offer: on 30 November 2005 at 5.30 p.m. (Early close) - Allocation of the shares: 1 December 2005 at 5 pm - Publication of the results by Euronext Brussels notice: 3 December 2005 - Payment Date: 7 December 2005 - Delivery date: 9 December 2005 - First trading date on NSC: 12 December 2005 (instead of 15 December 2005)</p>