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Euronext Growth
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Computer Hardware
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IPO date
Mon 09/07/2007
IPO type

Global Placement and Open Price Offer

IPO price
5.80 euros
IPO type
Initial Public offering
Operation procedure

Global Placement procedure The Global Placement is directed mainly to institutional investores - Number of shares: 560,000 shares representing 80% of the Offer (before exercise of the extension clause) - Underwriters: EuroLand Finance, Banque d'Orsay Open Price Offer procedure The Open-Price Offer is meant for individuals, investing legal entities and FCP. - Number of shares: 140,000 shares representing 20% of the Offer (before exercise of the extension clause) If the demand permits it, the number of shares offered within the OPO will be equal to 20% minimum of the Offer, before the exercise of the extension clause.

Operation description

Admission on Alternext:
- 1,510,366 existing shares that comprise the equity of Logic Instrument, including:
. 333,306 shares issued on June 2005 as preferential shares et transformed in ordinary shares provided that the Company's shares are listed on Alternext,
. 333,360 shares after the convertible bonds are converted into ordinary shares, provided that the Company's shares are listed on Alternext;
- 500,000 new shares obtained from a capital increase effected as part of the introduction in the stock exchange.

Company's shares are listed on the Marché Libre. Since June 12, 2007 trading on shares are suspended as indicated in notice PAR_20070612_7757_ML.

A number of 700,000 shares will be offered to the public as part of a Global Placement and an Open-Price Offer, before extension clause, including 500,000 new shares.

Extension Clause: Depending on the demand, the number of shares could be raised by a maximum of 105,000 shares added, including 75,000 new shares.

The number of new shares could be limited to 75% of the initial amount.

Operation calendar

- Period of the Placement: from June 26, 2007 to July 6, 2007 (17:00) - Period of the Offer: from June 26, 2007 to July 6, 2007 (17:00) - First quotation: July 9, 2007 - Beginning of trading: July 13, 2007

Price range
5.80 euros - 6.70 euros
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