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Trading location
Health Care Providers
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IPO date
Thu 23/11/2006
IPO type

Global Placement and Open Price Offer

IPO price
34.50 euros
IPO type
Initial Public offering
Operation procedure

Open Price Offer procedure - Subscription open for: Retail investors, legal entities and certain UCITS. - Number of shares: a minimum of 289.037 shares, 10% of the offered shares (before the exercise of the allotment option). The number of shares offered within the placement may be reduced in order to increase the OPO to 15% of the Offer.

Operation description

Admission on Eurolist by Euronext 21,456,170 existing shares representing the outstanding share capital of KORIAN, and:

  • a maximum of 2,890,365 new shares by way of public offering;
  • a maximum of 1,661,128 new shares from a capital increase reserved to BATIPART and ACM Vie;
  • a maximum of 433,554 additional new shares to be issued shoud the over-allotment option be fully exercised;
  • a maximum of 76,804 new shares from a capital increase reserved to employees;
  • 1,804,411 contribution shares issued for payment of the contributions made by Medidep minority shareholders in the context of the merger-absorption of Medidep by KORIAN.

The KORIAN shares will be admitted temporarily on Eurolist by Euronext under the title "KORIAN PROMESSES".

Operation calendar

- Period of the OPO: from November 14th, 2006 to November 22nd, 2006 (17:30) - First quotation: November 23, 2006 - Beginning of trading: November 24, 2006 - From November 24th, 2006 and until November 28th, 2006 inclusive: trading of new and existing shares on a single quotation line "KORIAN PROMESSES" under the ISIN code FR0010386334 - From November 29th, 2006: the KORIAN shares will be quoted under the title "KORIAN", ISIN code FR0010386334 (unchanged) and mnemonic KORI (unchanged)

Price range
30.10 euros - 35.00 euros