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CIC Banque CIO</p>

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Electronic&Electrical Equipment
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Global Placement and Open Price Offer</p>

IPO price
11.55 euros
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Initial Public offering
Operation procedure

Conditions applying to both Global Placement and Open Price Offer The first share price will be set at the end of the OPO and will take account of the demand expressed in the global placement. The prices of the global placement and the OPO are the same. The definitive price will be set on 23 March 2006 after centralisation of the OPO and should be published by Euronext Paris in a notice that same day. The final share price may be set outside the mentioned range. The allotment of shares within the Placement and the OPO may vary to take in account the importance of the demand. The Global Placement Before first listing, a proportion of the shares will be included in a placement in France and an international private placement in some countries excluding the United States of America. - Underwriter: CM CIC Securities - Number of shares: 826,407 shares, that is 90% of the Offer Depending on the demand, the breakdown between the Placement and the OPO may be adapted as stated below. The Open Price Offer - Number of shares in the OPO: 91,823 shares, that is 10% of the Offer If the demand permits it, the number of shares offered within the OPO will be equal to 10% minimum of the Offer. If the float does not amount 2.5 million &euro;, the Offer will be cancelled and the orders will be void.</p>

Operation description
Operation calendar

- Period of the Placement: from 13 to 23 March 2006 (12:00) - Period of the OPO: from 13 to 22 March 2006 (17:00) - First quotation: 23 March 2006 - Beginning of trading: 29 March 2006</p>

Price range
10.44 euros – 11.55 euros