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Telecommunications Equipment
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IPO date
Fri 02/12/2005
IPO type

Global Placement and Open-Price Offer

IPO price
12 euros
IPO type
Initial Public offering
Operation procedure

Number of shares offered in the Global Placement: A maximum of 90% of the shares offered to the public (prior to over-allocation option). Number of shares offered in the OPO: A minimum of 10% of the shares offered to the public (prior to over-allocation option) i.e 7,319,148 shares. Offer price: The prices of the Global Placement and the OPO are the same. The definitive price will be set on 1st December 2005 at the latest and before centralisation of the OPO. It should be disseminated after closing of the Global Placement and before the 1st December 2005 and should be published by Euronext Paris SA in a notice that same day. The final share price may be set outside the mentioned range.

Operation description

Number of shares offered to the public: A maximum number of 73,191,489 shares (prior to the over-allocation option). The shares offered to the Public will derive from a capital increase authorized by the General Assembly of Eutelsat Communications on 6 October 2005.

Over-allocation option: In order to cover any over-allocations, the Bookrunners-Lead managers will be able to acquire, or cause to be acquired, a maximum number of existing shares held by transferring shareholders at the placement price, i.e. about 8% of the number of shares offered under the Global Placement and the OPO (i.e. 5,855,319 shares). The exercise of the over-allocation option will take place no later than 31 December 2005.

The Eutelsat Communications shares will be admitted temporarily on Eurolist under the title "Eutelsat Communications PROMESSES". (ie notice for detail)

Operation calendar

- Period of the Placement : until 1 December 2005 (15:00) - Period of the OPO: until 1 December 2005 (17:00) - First quotation: 2 December 2005 - Begining of trading: 2 December 2005 - From 2 December 2005 to 6 December 2005 inclusive: trading of new and old shares on a single quotation line "Eutelsat Communications PROMESSES" under the code FR0010221234 - As of 7 December 2005: the Eutelsat Communications shares will be quoted under the title "Eutelsat Communications", code ISIN FR0010221234 (unchanged) and mnemonic ETL (unchanged)

Price range
11.75 euros – 12.75 euros
Broker to issue

Goldman Sachs International
Deutsche Bank AG
Lehman Brothers International (Europe)
Merrill Lynch International
Morgan Stanley & Co. International Limited
BNP Paribas