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IPO date
Tue 17/05/2005
IPO type

Direct Trading procedure

IPO type
Initial Public offering
Operation description

The general meetings of shareholders of the Caisses Régionales de Crédit Agricole Mutuel (CRCAMs) for Brie, Somme and Brie Picardie approved the merger by absorption of the Brie and Somme CRCAMs by the Brie Picardie CRCAM.

Payment for the contributions of the CRCAM of Brie and Somme :

- In order to remunerate their contributions, the Brie Picardie CRCAM effected a capital increase by issuing 9,829,511 unlisted partnership shares 4,789,668 CCA and 5,496,251 CCIs (EUR 8 par), participating from 1st January 2005.

- The Brie Picardie CCIs will be allotted to the bearers of Brie CCIs on the basis of 15 Brie Picardie CCIs per 7 Brie CCIs.

- The Brie Picardie CCIs will be allotted to the bearers of Somme CCIs on the basis of 12 Brie Picardie CCIs per 7 Somme CCIs.

- The holders of CCI Brie et Somme who would not have the necessary parity for the operation of exchange will have to complete the parity by buying or by selling securities on the market. They will make their personal affair of the odd lots.

- The exchange operations will be made in CAISCT and the agencies of the Caisse Régionale et de Crédit Agricole SA as from 17 May and until inclusive 10 June 2005.

After merger, the authorized capital of the CRCAM Brie Picardie amounts to 160,923,640 € divided into 9,829,536 social parts, 5,496,251 CCI and 4,789,668 of 8 € CCA nominal each.

Operation calendar

As of 17 May 2005: admission to Eurolist – Compartiment B, of 5,496,251 CCIs Brie Picardie (FR0010197657). From 17 May to 10 June 2005 inclusive: Brie (FR0000045163) and Somme (FR0000045189) CCIs may be traded temporary on the regulated markets. 13 June 2005: cancellation of Brie and Somme CCIs from Eurolist – temporary listing on the CVRMR.