Updated close levels for several Indices for close of 8 March 2021

Euronext Indices informs clients that for several indices the close levels have been updated for close of 8 March 2021, please find below and attached the table with the correct close levels:

ISIN Code Mnemo Name 08-03-21
QS0011249248 BEOGP BEL Energy 1,106.84
QS0011225214 BEINP BEL Industrials 1,058.37
QS0011225172 BETP BEL Technology 2,217.95
QS0011225032 PTTLP PSI Telecommunications 77.57
QS0011211156 AEXNR AEX NR 2,052.99
QS0011204995 ASCXG AScX GR 2,113.72
QS0011131990 AEXGR AEX GR 2,364.43
QS0011131842 PX4NR SBF 120 NR 9,193.21
QS0011115266 CACHD CAC High Dividend NR 139.23
QS0011017785 FRUT CAC Utilities 547.31
QS0011016506 NLIN AEX Industrials 2,312.95
PTINO0390005 PTEB PSI 20 ex Banks 5,022.65
NO0010890643 OUTP OBX Utilities PR 76.96
NO0010890635 OUTN OBX Utilities NR 76.96
NO0010890627 OUTG OBX Utilities GR 2,320.68
NO0010890536 OING OBX Industrials GR 574.81
NL00150006K1 NLUTG AEX Utilities GR 1,130.35
NL00150006J3 NLUT AEX Utilities 1,130.35
NL00150005E6 EZWTG Euronext CDP Water Eurozone EW GR 2,224.47
NL0013941057 EZESG EN CDP Environment ESG Eurozone EW D5% 1,039.09
NL0013908858 WAT5D EN Water and Ocean Europe 40 EW D5% 1,282.34
NL0013908841 WATGR EN Water and Ocean Europe 40 EW GR 2,483.95
NL0013273030 EU5GR Euronext Europe 500 GR 2,310.43
NL0013025612 ESG1G Euronext Eurozone 100 ESG GR 2,248.95
NL0013025505 FRENV EN CDP Environment France EW D 5% 1,052.86
NL0012949150 EZN1N EN Eurozone Next 100 EW NR 2,105.97
NL0012846190 EZ70G Euronext Eurozone 70 EW GR 2,273.18
NL0012758627 ES1EP EN Europe Sustainable 100 EW 1,153.80
NL0012483929 COR30 Euronext Core Europe 30 EW D 5% NR 1,024.85
NL0012481774 ESG5D Euronext Euro 50 ESG EW Decrement 50 P 1,031.35
NL0012481766 ESG5G Euronext Euro 50 ESG EW GR 1,216.62
NL0012481758 ESG5N Euronext Euro 50 ESG EW NR 1,186.34
NL0012375356 COREU Euronext Core Europe 100 EW D 5% NR 1,106.86
NL0012375349 COREN Euronext Core Europe 100 EW NR 2,366.68
NL0012365050 EFGEG EN France Germany Leaders 50 EW GR 2,600.22
NL0012294235 EBLRE Euronext BeNeLux Low Risk 20 2,217.20
NL0010614533 ATAWN AEX All-Tradable Alternative Weight NR 2,415.93
IE00BM7VR750 ISREG ISEQ Real Estate GR 64.99
IE00BL6TXC04 ISEIN ISEQ Industrials 1,151.84
FR0013479821 GRF50 Euronext Green Planet France D5% 1,091.10
FR0013468865 ESGNR Euronext Eurozone ESG Large 80 NR 2,211.47
FR0013354164 FRN4N EN France Next 40 EW NR 4,892.65
FR0012790830 CAPWN CAC 40 Performance Weighted NR 2,569.45
FR0011710409 CAPDR CAC PME DIV RETURN 1,072.86
FR0003999481 PX4 SBF 120 4,658.86
BE0389561094 BELMC BEL Mid NR 8,644.47
BE0389556045 BELSC BEL Small NR 18,643.19


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