Name change for several Euronext Indices

Euronext would like to inform clients that the following indices will change its name effective from 21 March 2022. Note that the Mnemo and ISIN do not change.


Old name New name Mnemo ISIN
PSI 20 PSI PSI20 PTING0200002
PSI 20 NR PSI NR PSINR QS0011211180
PSI 20 ex Banks PSI ex Banks PTEB PTINO0390005
PSI 20 ex Banks NR PSI ex Banks NR PTEBN PTINO0400002
PSI 20 ex Banks GR PSI ex Banks GR PTEBG PTINO0410001
PSI 20 Leverage PSI Leverage PSILV QS0011095922
PSI 20 Leverage GR PSI Leverage GR PSITL QS0011179254
PSI 20 X3 Leverage GR PSI X3 Leverage GR PSI3L QS0011146949
PSI 20 X3 Leverage NR PSI X3 Leverage NR PS3LN PTINO0220004
PSI 20 Short GR PSI Short GR PSISH QS0011095948
PSI 20 Double Short GR PSI Double Short GR PSI2S QS0011146956
PSI 20 Xbear GR PSI Xbear GR PSIXB QS0011100862
PSI 20 Triple Short GR PSI Triple Short GR PSI3S QS0011146964


If you have any questions please contact Euronext Index team

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