Corrected open levels for Euronext indices

Euronext would like to inform clients to disregard the levels reported on 06/06/2022 before 15:30:15 for the following indices:

ISIN Code Mnemo Name
NL0015000ED5 EVEWP EN V.E ESG World-Select 75 Bund/SV
NL0015000I89 ENDMP Euronext Developed Market
NL0015000IB0 ENWP Euronext World
NL0013216468 EUS5P EN Transatlantic 50 EW
NL0015436114 NA500 Euronext North America 500

Euronext kindly asks clients to update their data screens.



If you have any questions please contact Euronext Index Operations
+31 (0)2 07 21 43 50

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