Corrected closing levels for multiple Euronext indices

In brief: Euronext Indices informs clients about adjusted close levels for multiple indices for 28-12-2020



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Euronext would like to inform clients about adjusted closing levels for the indices listed below on 28-12-2020. These ajusted closing levels are related to INC-63743.

Name Isin Mnemo 28-12-2020
AEX All-Share Index GR QS0011224977 AAXG 3294.53
Euronext Growth All-Share Index GR QS0011227186 ALASG 1648.89
Euronext Growth All-Share Index QS0011040902 ALASI 1431.96
Euronext Growth All-Share Index NR QS0011227178 ALASN 1601.15
AMX NR QS0011211164 AMXNR 2561.74
AEX All-Tradable Alternative Weight NR NL0010614533 ATAWN 2280.7
BEL Continuous Stocks Index NR BE0389552978 BELCU 37445.38
Next Biotech QS0011095955 BIOTK 2802.18
Euronext BeNe 40 Equal Weight NL0011376116 BNEW 2460.95
CAC Top 20 Exporters EW FR0012951929 C20EX 2088.47
CAC 40 Dividend Index QS0011158118 CACDI 1.54
CAC Large 60 NR QS0011213681 CACLN 9180.71
Euronext CA Index NL0011821269 CAIND 134.17
CAC PME DIV RETURN FR0011710409 CAPDR 1070.85
CAC 40 Performance Weighted NR FR0012790830 CAPWN 2436.72
EuronexEuronext Core Europe 100 ESG EW D NL0013110257 CESG1 1262.86
CAC Large 60 EW NR JPY FR0013134855 CLEJP 419029.63
EN Climate Orientation Prior 50 EW 4 5%D NL0013474224 COP5D 1559.69
EN Climate Orientation Priority 50 EW ER NL0011923081 COP5E 1482.77
EN Climate Objective 50 EW Decrement 5% NL0012328843 ECO50 1390.99
Euronext Climate Objective 50 EW GR NL0012328835 ECOEG 2466.51
Euronext Climate Objective 50 EW NR NL0012328827 ECOEN 2306.83
Euronext Climate Objective 50 EW NL0012328819 ECOEW 1841.85
EN Climate Orientation Priority 50 EW NL0011923057 ECOP 1895.86
EN Climate Orientation Priority 50 EW GR NL0011923073 ECOPG 2634.77
EN Climate Orientation Priority 50 EW NR NL0011923065 ECOPN 2458.8
Euronext France Germany Leaders 50 GR NL0012658785 EFGG 2107.18
Euronext Climate Europe GR NL0011923040 ENCEG 2052.6
Euronext Climate Europe NR NL0011923032 ENCEN 1921.56
Euronext Climate Europe NL0011923024 ENCLE 1466.02
Euronext Vigeo Europe 120 GR Index QS0011250899 ENVEG 2172.12
Euronext Vigeo Europe 120 NR Index QS0011250881 ENVEN 2017.29
Euronext Vigeo Europe 120 Index QS0011250873 ENVEU 1540.47
Euronext Vigeo UK 20 Index QS0011250931 ENVUK 1212.35
EN Europe Sustainable 100 EW D 50P NL0012758650 ES1ED 1075.62
EN Europe Sustainable 100 EW GR NL0012758643 ES1EG 1294.3
EN Europe Sustainable 100 EW NR NL0012758635 ES1EN 1257.88
EN Europe Sustainable 100 EW NL0012758627 ES1EP 1138.37
Euronext Eurozone ESG Leaders 40 EW NR NL0012758551 ESE4N 2561.7
Euronext Eurozone 100 ESG NL0013025596 ESG1P 1268.12
Euronext Euro 50 ESG EW GR NL0012481766 ESG5G 1156.35
Euronext Europe 500 NL0013273014 EU500 1290.07
Euronext Europe 500 GR NL0013273030 EU5GR 2201.3
Euronext Europe 500 NR NL0013273022 EU5NR 2012.04
Euronext Eurozone 60 EW NL0012846265 EZ60P 1106.61
Euronext Eurozone 70 EW NL0012846174 EZ70P 1303.86
Euronext Eurozone 80 EW GR NL0013025679 EZ80G 2200.99
EN Eurozone Mid and Large 60 EW NL0013025810 EZMLP 1106.09
Euronext Green Planet E GR FR0013457876 GRE5G 2420.93
ISEQ Consumer Discretionary IE00BL6TX532 ISCG 1403.48
ISEQ Consumer Discretionary GR IE00BL6TX649 ISCGG 1413.36
ISEQ Consumer Staples GR IE00BL6TX862 ISCSG 930.73
ISEQ 20 IE00B0500264 ISE20 1302.46
ISEQ 20 GR IE00B0500488 ISE2G 1822.58
ISEQ Basic Materials GR IE00BL6TX425 ISEBG 1219.56
ISEQ Basic Materials IE00BL6TX318 ISEBM 1183.79
ISEQ 20 Capped IE00B2QF4Z54 ISECA 1474.93
ISEQ 20 Capped GR IE00B2QF5075 ISECG 2038.27
ISEQ Consumer Staples IE00BL6TX755 ISECS 921.64
ISEQ Financial GR IE0000511505 ISEFG 370.34
ISEQ Financial IE0000516009 ISEFI 146.38
ISEQ Health Care IE00BL6TX979 ISEHC 1319.85
ISEQ Industrials IE00BL6TXC04 ISEIN 1023.14
ISEQ Energy IE00BL6TXF35 ISEOG 991.18
ISEQ All Share IE0001477250 ISEQ 7455.76
ISEQ All Share GR IE0000506851 ISEQG 16760.7
ISEQ Small GR IE0000506745 ISESG 3135.93
ISEQ Small IE0000506299 ISESM 2125.95
ISEQ Technology IE00BL6TXH58 ISETE 982.44
ISEQ Technology GR IE00BL6TXJ72 ISETG 982.44
ISEQ Health Care GR IE00BL6TXB96 ISHCG 1324.53
ISEQ Industrials GR IE00BL6TXD11 ISING 1047.56
ISEQ Energy GR IE00BL6TXG42 ISOGG 991.18
ISEQ Real Estate IE00BM7VR644 ISRE 60.12
ISEQ Real Estate GR IE00BM7VR750 ISREG 61.87
Low Carbon 100 Europe PAB Index QS0011131735 LC100 130.43
Low Carbon 100 Europe PAB Index GR QS0011131750 LC1GR 209.04
Low Carbon 100 Europe PAB Index NR QS0011131743 LC1NR 191.71
Euronext 100 Index FR0003502079 N100 1107.86
Next 150 Index FR0003502087 N150 2985.38
AEX Basic Materials QS0011016480 NLBM 1271.35
AEX Consumer Discretionary QS0011016530 NLCG 2304.72
AEX Consumer Staples GR QS0011225420 NLCSG 4432.23
AEX Industrials QS0011016506 NLIN 2230.2
AEX Energy QS0011016472 NLOG 557.8
Euronext Expand All-Share Index GR NO0007035384 OAAX 137.7
OBX Total Return Index NO0000000021 OBX 854.04
OBX Price Index NO0007035376 OBXP 466.6
OSEMX Mid Cap_PR NO0010865298 OSEMP 140.64
PSI Financials QS0011225057 PTFIP 39.98
PSI Technology QS0011225065 PTTEP 319.28
Euronext IEIF REIT Europe Index QS0011070230 REITE 1352.24
Euronext IEIF REIT Europe Index GR QS0011176854 REITG 3189.72
Euronext IEIF REIT Europe Index NR QS0011176847 REITN 2848.98
EN Water and Ocean Europe 40 EW D4% NL0013908866 WAT4D 1419.89
EN Water and Ocean Europe 40 EW D5% NL0013908858 WAT5D 1271.51
EN Water and Ocean Europe 40 EW GR NL0013908841 WATGR 2438.46
EN Water and Ocean Europe 40 EW NR NL0013908833 WATNR 2207.85
EN Water and Ocean Europe 40 EW NL0013908825 WATPR 1665.6


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