Corrected closing levels for Euronext indices

Euronext would like to inform clients that the closing level of the following indices has been corrected.

Euronext kindly asks client to update their screens with the corrected levels:

ISIN code Mnemo Name 7-May-21
NL0000249142 ASCX AScX-Index 1368.17
QS0011204995 ASCXG AScX GR 2313.27
QS0011211172 ASCXN AScX NR 2143.40
NL0010614525 AETAW AEX All-Tradable Alternative Weighting 1670.45
NL0010614541 ATAWG AEX All-Tradable Alternative Weight GR 2791.25
NL0010614533 ATAWN AEX All-Tradable Alternative Weight NR 2614.74
NL0000249100 AAX AEX All-Share Index 1029.77
QS0011224977 AAXG AEX All-Share Index GR 3773.19
QS0011016506 NLIN AEX Industrials 2477.43
QS0011224662 NLING AEX Industrials GR 3655.13


If you have any questions please contact Euronext Index Operations
+31 (0)2 07 21 43 50

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