Cessation from 2 August 2021 of several indices: High Dividend AEXHD/BELHD/CACHD/PSIHD, Tech 40 and CACPW, CAC Top 20 Exporter

As from 2 August 2021 Euronext will stop the caculation and distribution of the following indices (all versions; price and return) that are currently distributed via set of Channels 13 ‘Euronext Indices’ of MDG :
-EnterNext Tech 40
-High dividend indices AEX HD /CAC HD /BEL HD /PSI HD
-CAC Performance Weighted, CAC Top 20 Exporters EW.

Details of the indices that will be stopped:

IsinCode Country Mnemo Name MIC
QS0011231634 FR CACHP CAC High Dividend XPAR
QS0011231626 NL AEXHP AEX High Dividend XAMS
QS0011231618 PT PSIHP PSI High Dividend XLIS
QS0011231600 BE BELHP BEL High Dividend XBRU
QS0011115290 PT PSIHD PSI High Dividend NR XLIS
QS0011115282 BE BELHD BEL High Dividend NR XBRU
QS0011115274 NL AEXHD AEX High Dividend NR XAMS
QS0011115266 FR CACHD CAC High Dividend NR XPAR
FR0012951945 FR C2EXG CAC Top 20 Exporters EW GR XPAR
FR0012951937 FR C2EXN CAC Top 20 Exporters EW NR XPAR
FR0012951929 FR C20EX CAC Top 20 Exporters EW XPAR
FR0012790848 FR CAPWG CAC 40 Performance Weighted GR XPAR
FR0012790830 FR CAPWN CAC 40 Performance Weighted NR XPAR
FR0012790822 FR CAPW CAC 40 Performance Weighted XPAR
FR0012684363 FR ENTEG EnterNext Tech 40 Index GR XPAR
FR0012684348 FR ENTEN EnterNext Tech 40 Index NR XPAR
FR0012683258 FR ENTEC EnterNext Tech 40 Index XPAR


If you have any questions please contact Euronext Index Operations
+31 (0)2 07 21 43 50

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