Primary insiders in the company

CompanyUnsorted SurnameUnsorted First nameUnsorted Title Unsorted PositionUnsorted
BEWi ASA Akselsen Andreas M. Board member
BEWi ASA Aukner Anne-Lise Board member
BEWi ASA Bekken Christian CEO
BEWi ASA Brantmark Petra General counsel, secretary to Board
BEWi ASA Danielsson Marie CFO
BEWi ASA Dobbelaere Rik Board member
BEWi ASA Knudsen Charlotte Director of IR and Communications
BEWi ASA Olofsson Roger Director of HR
BEWi ASA Schauman Kristina Board member
BEWi ASA Siljeskär Jonas COO
BEWi ASA Syvertsen Gunnar Chairman of the Board