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Onxeo is a biotechnology company specializing in the development of innovative oncology medicines based on DNA-targeting and epigenetics, two of the most anticipated mechanisms of action in the treatment of cancer today. The group focuses on the development of innovative first-in-class or disruptive compounds (company-owned, acquired or licensed) from translational research to clinical proof of concept in humans, a value-creating inflection point capable of attracting potential partners. Onxeo's R&D portfolio includes belinostat, an HDAC (epigenetic) inhibitor currently developed in oral form to facilitate its use in combination with other anticancer agents for solid or liquid tumors) Beleodaq® (intravenous belinostat (IV) which is already conditionally approved by the FDA for the second-line treatment of patients with peripheral T-cell lymphoma and is marketed in the United States by Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, a partner of Onxeo. Onxeo is also developing AsiDNA TM, a first-in-class DNA break repair inhibitor based on a unique decoy mechanism. AsiDNA TM has already been successfully evaluated in its phase I trial in metastatic melanoma via local administration and is currently under development for the treatment of other tumors via systemic (IV) administration. AsiDNA TM is the first compound from platON TM, Onxeo's decoy oligonucleotide platform. PlatON TM will continue to generate new compounds to expand the group's portfolio.

Source: Cofisem - Last Update: 29 Sep 2020
Key Executives
Chief Executive Officer Judith Greciet
Administrative & Finance Director Nicolas Fellmann
Human Resources Director Audrey Legentil-Duméry
Source: Cofisem - Last Update: 03 Jun 2020
Key figures
Millenium 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015
Net sales 4,289 9,127 9,505 4,423 3,481
Income from ordinary activities 4,289 9,127 9,505 4,423 3,481
Operating income -34,337 -15,644 -66,377 -23,168 -22,336
Cost of financial indebtedness net -1,018 -691 -492 243 1,818
Equity-accounted companies contribution to income -39 5,176
Net profit from discontinued activities
Net income -33,728 -9,399 -59,071 -22,671 -19,409
Net income (Group share) -33,728 -9,399 -59,071 -22,671 -19,409
Fiscal year end 12.19 12.18 12.17 12.16 12.15
Length of fiscal year (month) 12 12 12 12 12
Currency & Unit EUR - thousands EUR - thousands EUR - thousands EUR - thousands EUR - thousands
Account Standards
Source: Cofisem - Last Update: 29 Sep 2020
Shareholder information
Financière de la Montagne 11.82 %
Invus Public Equities, L.P. 10.72 %
Managers and Directors 2.03 %
Group-owned stock 0.47 %
Source: Cofisem - Last Update: 15 Jun 2020

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Onxeo S.A.

49 Boulevard du Général Martial Valin
FR-75015 Paris
Source: Cofisem - Last Update: 29 Sep 2020