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Commodity Futures - Durum Wheat

Contract code EDW
Unit of trading Fifty tonnes
Pricing unit/quotation (= price basis) Euros and euro cents per tonne 
Origins tenderable European Union origin

- Specific weight 76-80 Kg/hl
- Moisture content 14.0 %
- Allowable impurities 2% maximum
- Protein 13% minimum
- Piebald grains 25-30% maximum
- Grains GMF 6% maximum (2+2+2)
- Broken grains 6% maximum
- Milling wheat content 1% maximum

The Durum Wheat futures contract’s underlying security asset is the Sitagri EDWI (Sitagri European Durum Wheat Index). Full details from www.sitagri.com.

The Sitagri EDWI is priced on goods in the following locations: ALTAMURA,  BOLOGNA, FOGGIA,  LA PALLICE, PORT-LA-NOUVELLE and ROUEN.

Minimum price movement (tick size and value) 25 Euro cents per tonne. 12.50 Euros.
Delivery months September, December, March and May  onwards, such that 8 delivery expiries are  available for trading (up to 24 calendar months)
Introduction of new expiry months The opening of a new contract will occur on the date set by the Exchange, in principle, on the first trading day following the expiration of a contract, in accordance with the schedule established by the Exchange.
Wholesale services Against Actuals, Exchange for Swaps, large in scale
Euronext market Paris
Last trading day Contracts expire on the date specified by the Exchange, in principle on the last working day of the month which is also a publication date for Sitagri, in accordance with the schedule established by the Exchange. If the market is closed on that day, contracts will expire on the next trading day.
If the expiry is on a half trading day, for technical reasons the contract will remain open until the next trading day, but will not be available for trading. The EDSP will therefore be disseminated on the next trading day.
Settlement (Delivery) The liquidation of the durum wheat futures contract is done through cash settlement (financially settled) with a liquidation price established by Euronext Paris SA.
Delivery period The delivery, or observation, period is the final calendar month in which the contract expires.
Exchange Delivery Settlement Price (EDSP) (methodo price) The Exchange Delivery Settlement Price at expiry is established by Euronext Paris SA on the last trading day according to the methodology indicated below:
For each expiry, the Expiry Daily Settlement Price is equal to the arithmetic average of the Sitagri EDWI (Sitagri European Durum Wheat Index) published by Sitagri Index Services for each business day during the last month of the expiry. The settlement price is rounded to the nearest €0.25.
Clearing organization LCH SA
Delivery limits Contract is cash settled and the delivery limits will be as for the standard contract position limits.
Trading hours 10:45 – 18:30 (UTC+1) (and 6 p.m. for the last day of expiry EDSP)
Trading platform Optiq
Algorithm Central Order Book applies a price-time trading algorithm, with priority given to the first order at the best price.
Last update 24 NOV 2021