ISIN code
Trading location


IPO date
Wed 05/05/2004
IPO type

Direct trading procedure

IPO price
7,82 euros
IPO type
Initial Public offering
Operation procedure

Admission to listing of a maximum of 491.635.672 FRD, Fiduciary Deposit Receipts, for which underlying is composed of A shares of SES GLOBAL, a company incorporated under the laws of Luxembourg (the Company), which registered office is situated in Luxembourg. The SES GLOBAL FDR are already listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and the Frankfort Stock Exchange. The admission of the SES GLOBAL FDR on the French Premier Marché which will be carried out simultaneously to the completion of an international private placement of FDR's. The reference quote of shares will be the last quoted price on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange on the day before the opening of negociations. Quotation threshold: exceptionally 20 % of the reference quote. In the opening quote crosses the above given threshold, Euronext Paris will resort to reservation of the security. Euronext Paris will inform the participants in the market of the new modalities for quotation by taking at each try the reservation level to which the additional variation of 20% will be applicable exceptionally as the reference quote. As long as no market price can be quoted for the security, the specific provisions mentioned above will stay applicable for the following trading days.

Operation calendar

Admission and first trading of the FDR (Fiduciary Depositary Receipts: 5th May 2004