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IPO date
Wed 04/04/2007
IPO type
Initial Public offering
Operation procedure

The NYSE Euronext shares (with a par value of 0.01USD) will be admitted on Eurolist by Euronext Paris as of 4 April 2007. The reference price of the NYSE Euronext share will be the closing price of NYSE Group share at the close of trading on the NYSE on April, 3rd 2007, after conversion in € (Indicative exchange rate provided by the BCE on April, 3 at 2.15 pm Paris time) Reservation thresholds will be set at + or - 20% of the reference price. If the opening price is outside the thresholds, Euronext will resume the trading 4 minutes later. The new reference price used will be the threshold reached previously. The new thresholds will be set at + or - 20% of the new reference price. After the first trade, trading on the NYSE Euronext share shall be carried out according to the continuous trading principles. As from 4 April 2007: pre opening: 7.15 - Opening: 9.00 (Paris time) The NYSE Euronext shares will be eligible to orders with deferred settlement as of 4 April 2007. The April 2007 lending and borrowing market will open on 5 April 2007. The NYSE Euronext shares will be admitted to RELIT and LCH CLearnet as of 4 April 2007. The NYSE Euronext shares will circulate in France in bearer form.

Operation description

In accordance with article 6201 of the Book I of the Eurolist market rules and following the publication by the Autorité des marchés financiers of the temporary result of the public offer made by NYSE Euronext on EURONEXT NV (EURONEXT) shares, Euronext Paris SA has decided to admit to listing on Eurolist by Euronext Paris - Compartment A the NYSE Euronext shares.

The final number of NYSE Euronext shares composing the share capital of NYSE Euronext which will include the number of shares to be issued shares in connection with the exchange offer and the number of shares to be issued in connection with the merger of NYSE Group and NYSE Euronext will be subject to a notice by Euronext Paris to be published on March 30th 2007. This notice will announce the final results of the offer and the conditions of settlement delivery of the NYSE Euronext shares. Please note that by virtue of the merger, each outstanding share of NYSE Group will be automatically exchanged for one share of NYSE Euronext and that on March 9 2007, there was 156,748,647 NYSE Group shares outstanding.