Instrument name
ISIN code
LEI code
Exchange / Market
Euronext Growth
Trading location
Products family
Computer Services
IPO date
Issue type
Initial Public offering
Price range
6.76 EUR - 9.14 EUR

Company profile

MUNIC designs and develops technological solutions, combining Smart Dongles, capable of collecting and decoding thousands of data from motor vehicle sensors, and an artificial intelligence Edge Computing platform,, for analysing them. MUNIC decodes and analyses, in addition to basic telematics data (GPS geolocation, accelerometer, estimated mileage), a large amount of information from the vehicle (precise fuel level, tyre wear, battery or brake pad condition, fault code analysis, etc.).) which is a major challenge for many players: car manufacturers, car rental and car-sharing platforms, equipment manufacturers, fleet managers, insurers, dealership or maintenance networks, technical control centres, oil companies, telecom operators, etc.

Source: Cofisem - Last Update: 23 Jan 2020
Key Executives
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Aaron Solomon
Chief Commercial Officer Cyril Zeller
Administrative & Finance Director Henri Gravereaux
Source: Cofisem - Last Update: 22 Jan 2020
Key figures
Millenium 2018 2017
Net sales 15,210 13,600
Consumed purchases 11,752 8,752
Payroll 4,559 3,719
Operating profit -1,395 -1,330
Income tax 938 887
Net income -415 318
Fiscal year end 12.18 12.17
Length of fiscal year (month) 12 12
Currency & Unit EUR - thousands EUR - thousands
Account Standards
Source: Cofisem - Last Update: 23 Jan 2020
Shareholder information
Grandis Lux 49.90 %
Aaron Solomon 31.71 %
Frédéric Nguyen 9.58 %
Yann Paranthoen 3.76 %
Maïr Fereres 3.64 %
Christophe Van Cauwenberghe 1.41 %
Source: Cofisem - Last Update: 22 Jan 2020