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<strong>GDF Suez</strong> is a leading supplier of natural gas in Europe. The group also offers energy and environment related services. Net sales break down by activity as follows:</p>
international production and sale of gas and electricity (35.5%);</li>
production and sale of gas and electricity in France (17.5%). GDF Suez also offers boiler maintenance and repair services through its subsidiary Savelys;</li>
supply of energy services (17%): engineering, installation, maintenance, and electrical or thermal equipment management services, power conduit and network systems, co-generation and electrical production plants, individual boilers, etc.;</li>
environmental services (15.4%; Suez Environnement Company): distribution of drinking water and waste water treatment, collection and treatment of ordinary and special waste, facility design and construction, etc.;</li>
exploration and production of natural gas and hydrocarbons (13.3%). The group is also involved in wholesale buying and selling of gas and electricity;</li>
transportation, storage and end distribution of natural gas (1.3%): operating primarily in France, Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Romania and Slovakia.</li>
Net sales are distributed geographically as follows: France (38.4%), Belgium (14.5%), Europe (33%), North America (5.8%) and other (8.3%).</p>

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- Nb of securities to be listed: 2.191.532.680 - Issue price: (See reference price) Initial reference prices - Ordinary share: The reference price will be equal to the closing price of the Gaz de France ordinary share in Paris on 21 July 2008 - VVPR strip: 0.01 euro Thresholds of listing: similar to the thresholds applied in Paris (cf. Trading Manual - Rules concerning the &quot;Conditions of trading during the introduction day&quot; - Dual listing - point 3 - Securities already listed on another exchange). Listing of the VVPR strips issued by GDF SUEZ Euronext Brussels announces that, from 22/07/2008, the VVPR strips described below issued by GDF SUEZ will be listed on Euronext Brussels. (I.e. notice for details)</p>

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22/07/2008: listing of the shares issued by GDF SUEZ</p>

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