ISIN code
Exchange / Market
Euronext Access
Trading location
Real Estate Holding&Development


IPO date
Thu 28/10/2004
IPO type

Placement and Fixed-Price Offer

IPO price
12,05 euros
IPO type
Initial Public offering
Operation procedure

Simultaneously, it will be proposed: - a Fixed-Price Offer in France, on 24 900 shares, 10% of the operation; - a placement in France, directed by CMC-CIC Securities, on 224 100 shares, 90% of the operation. The number of shares offered within the placement may be reduced in order to increase the Fixed-Price Offer. However that number of shares offered in the Fixed-Price Offer will not exceed 20% of the total number of shares disseminated to the public. Conditions to the Placement and the Fixed-Price Offer Price offered: 12,05 euros

Operation description

249 000 shares, so, 7,5% of equity and voting rights after the capital increase, from an capital increase for 249 000 new shares, will be offered to the public in a placement and a Fixed Price Offer.
There is no extension clause

Operation calendar

- Opening of the offer: 21st of October 2004 - Closing of the offer: 27th of October 2004 - Fixed-Price Offer: 28th of October 2004 - Publication of result: 28th of October 2004 - Beginning of trading on the Marche Libre : 29th of October 2004 - Settlement-delivery of new shares: 2nd of November 2004

Broker to issue

CM-CIC Securities