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Computer Services
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BSB is a European group, founded in 1995 and specialized in IT-services. One of its main activities is the publishing of software specially designed for the financial sector. Its approach covers the complete value chain: from operational advice until the training of the users and including IT audit, the definition of directive plans, the conception, the development and implementation of tailor-made solutions. And last but not least, the integration of third party software such as IDIT or SAP. BSB has subsidiaries in Belgium, France and Luxembourg and employs about 180 people.

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IPO date
Fri 18/07/2008
IPO type

Fixed Price Offer

IPO type
Initial Public offering
Operation procedure

Listing of the shares issued by BSB Euronext Brussels announces that, from 18/07/2008, the ordinary shares described below issued by BSB will be listed on Alternext. - Nb of securities to be listed: 2.198.766 - Issue price: 10,60 euros Listing of the VVPR strips issued by BSB Euronext Brussels announces that, from 18/07/2008, the VVPR strips issued by BSB will be listed on Alternext. (I.e. notice for details)

Operation description

The shares offered in this public offering result from a public subscription offer of 471,698 new shares with strip VVPR. The increase in capital giving rise to the issue of shares, which are the object of the public offer, was approved by the EGM on 23/05/2008 under the suspensive condition of the actual subscription of the new shares.

The Offering is a fixed price offer. The price at which the Shares are offered, has been set by the Company, in consultation with Next Capital and Kaupthing, and comes to 10.60 EUR per Share.

All of the Shares representing the Company, i.e. 2,198,766 Shares and 471,698 VVPR strips, have formed the subject of an application for admission to Alternext. These Shares come from 1,710,100 fully paid up old ordinary Shares and 488,666 new Shares to come from the capital increase that forms the subject of the Offering and the Employee Offering. Moreover, the admission of 90,000 future Shares to come from the exercise of Warrants has also been requested. If all of the Warrants were to be exercised and all of the Shares arising from the Offering and the Employee Offering subscribed, a total of 2,288,766 Shares would be admitted to Alternext. The admission of the Shares to trading on Alternext Brussels will only become effective from 18 July 2008.

Operation calendar

- Date of approval of the prospectus by the CBFA: 06/03/2008 - Opening of the Offer: 09/06/2008 - Closing of the Offer: 14/07/2008 - Allocation of the shares: 17/07/2008 - Publication of the result: 17/07/2008 - Payment-delivery date: 18/07/2008 - First trading date on NSC: 18/07/2008

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