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Thu 26/01/2006
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Initial Public offering
Operation procedure

1.215.432.540 shares, with the nominal value of 0,1 euros, representative of the share capital of BANCO POPULAR ESPAÑOL, SA will be admitted to listing on Eurolist by Euronext Lisbon. The continuous trading of Banco Popular Espanol will start at 10:30, Lisbon time (11:30 CET), and the pre-opening will start, as usual, at 06:15 Lisbon time (07:15 CET). Moreover, the 1st fixing of Banco Popular Español’s shares admitted to listing on Eurolist by Euronext Paris will take place at 10:30 Lisbon time (11:30 CET). Pursuant to article 204, nr. 3 of the Securities Code, said shares are fungible, and they are registered with Iberclear. The connection with Interbolsa is made through a financial intermediary for liaison. The settlement procedure of the stock market transactions will take place in the same terms as it does regarding the other securities registered with Interbolsa.

Operation description

The Spanish Banco Popular Español, S.A. began trading on the Mercado de Cotaçòes Oficiais of Euronext Lisbon.

The price at the close of trading set the company market capitalization at EUR 12,410 billion.

Banco Popular Español, S.A. ("Banco Popular" or "the Bank") is the parent company of a finance group ("the Banco Popular Group") which at 2005 year end had 6.2 million customers, was managing total assets of €93,180 million and had €73.364 million of customer funds. Its net worth at that date was €4,990 million. The Group has a network of 2,385 branch offices, of which 165 are in Portugal, and a staff of 13.804 people.

The Group's core activity is commercial banking, with special emphasis on the retail segment, in the Spanish market - in which it ranks third by total assets, among the listed banks -, and also in Portugal and France.

The Group occupies a sound position in the banking system and has undoubted competitive advantages, which it has maintained consistently over time, in a financial market characterized by dynamism, competition and innovation.
The Group's strategy is governed by certain criteria that can be summarized as achieving sustained growth of the business with a high level of profitability, maximizing the return on invested capital, maintaining permanent balance sheet strength and high efficiency.

Operation calendar

Beginning of trading: January 26, 2006