Discontinuation of several Euronext indices

Euronext would like to inform clients that the following indices will be discontinued from 1 July 2021. The last day of broadcasting will be 30 June 2021.

Index Name Datafeed name Mnemo  ISIN Exchange Currency
BNP2L Index BNP2L Index BNP2L QS0011216593 XPAR EUR
UG2L Index UG2L Index UG2L QS0011216692 XPAR EUR
GSZ3L Index GSZ3L Index GSZ3L QS0011216734 XPAR EUR
FTE3L Index FTE3L Index FTE3L QS0011216759 XPAR EUR
DG3L Index DG3L Index DG3L QS0011216817 XPAR EUR
GLE3L Index GLE3L Index GLE3L QS0011216783 XPAR EUR
CA3L Index CA3L Index CA3L QS0011229752 XPAR EUR
VK3L Index VK3L Index VK3L QS0011235825 XPAR EUR
ALO3L Index ALO3L Index ALO3L QS0011236013 XPAR EUR
ACA3L Index ACA3L Index ACA3L QS0011236005 XPAR EUR
CRD3L Index CRD3L Index CRD3L QS0011243936 XPAR EUR
CS5L Index CS5L Index CS5L QS0011249719 XPAR EUR
BNP5L Index BNP5L Index BNP5L QS0011249727 XPAR EUR
EN5L Index EN5L Index EN5L QS0011249735 XPAR EUR
ACA5L Index ACA5L Index ACA5L QS0011249743 XPAR EUR
FTE5L Index FTE5L Index FTE5L QS0011249750 XPAR EUR
GSZ5L Index GSZ5L Index GSZ5L QS0011249768 XPAR EUR
RNO5L Index RNO5L Index RNO5L QS0011249784 XPAR EUR
GLE5L Index GLE5L Index GLE5L QS0011249792 XPAR EUR
SGO5L Index SGO5L Index SGO5L QS0011249800 XPAR EUR
VK5L Index VK5L Index VK5L QS0011249818 XPAR EUR
VIE5L Index VIE5L Index VIE5L QS0011249826 XPAR EUR
DG5L Index DG5L Index DG5L QS0011249834 XPAR EUR
KBC5L Index KBC5L Index KBC5L BE0004613544 XPAR EUR
ABI5L Index ABI5L Index ABI5L BE0004614559 XPAR EUR
FP5L Index FP5L Index FP5L FR0012939775 XPAR EUR
MT5L Index MT5L Index MT5L FR0012939783 XPAR EUR
RI5L Index RI5L Index RI5L FR0012939783 XPAR EUR


If you have any questions please contact Euronext Index Operations
+31 (0)2 07 21 43 50

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